African- American Hairstyles for Women

African- American hairstyles are easy to maintain and look very good. If you are in the mood to try out something new, why not go for an African- American hairstyle? Short and smartly cropped hairstyles can add oodles to your personality and many celebrities can be found today flaunting their African- American hairstyles. While it works best for women with slightly denser hair, it generally works for all facial types. Read below to get an overview of some great African- American hairstyles which you should definitely give a try.

African hairstyle


It is not like the classic Mohawk which is very different. It involves cutting hair short from the sides and leaving tapered sides on the crown. You can even colour your hair in different streaks if you are in the mood to try out something bold.

African, American hairstyle

Short Hairstyle with Highlighted Crown

This involves cropping hair short from the sides and leaving large layers on the crown so the hair tends to flow in a wave on to your forehead. Very easy to maintain, it is a look that can be flaunted by women with all facial types.

African american hairstyle

Side Undercut Bob

This variant of the classic bob hairstyle consists of cropping hair short on the sides and leaving the hair crown longer all over.

American hairstyle

Curly Cropped

If you have naturally curly hair, then this hairstyle is the best for you. This involves cutting hair short on the sides and leaving curly masses on the crown. If done right, the layers will fall onto your forehead making it the perfect hairstyle for women with protruding foreheads.

African curly hairstyle

Spiked Mohawk

This bold hairstyle consists of making spikes on the crown and leaving it rippled on the sides. This bold and pretty hairstyle will definitely make heads turn when you step out onto the street. Another variant is the pixie Mohawk wherein the hair is not turned into ripples but simple cropped very short leaving only a few centimetres of hair length on the sides.

African short hairstyle

Face Framing Bob

This variant of the classic Bob haircut consists of combining shorter and longer hair lengths to give you a layered look on the sides. You may even colour the streaks in different colours for getting an even bolder look. You can also match the colours with the preferred shade of mascara or eye shadow.

American bob hairstyle

Basin Bob Haircut

This cute hairstyle looks good on all facial types and is a very good way to flaunt your new personality. The hair is cut uneven all over leaving longish and shorter tufts of hair that will cover and fill your face. You can even colour your hair on the crown to get the perfect look. The hair on the sides should be left longer so that they cover your ears completely but even shoulder length hair looks good with this kind of hairstyle.

American bob hairstyle

Textured Pixie

This look requires very little maintenance and is easy on the purse. Simply cut the hair very short leaving a short wavy layer that falls on one side. Works best on women with longer faces.

African pixie hairstyle