Diesal Clothing: A Revolution In The Fashion Industry

Diesel was established by Renzo Rosso in 1970’s and is an Italian based clothing brand. It was later joined by Wilbert Das as the Creative Director. It has grown at a very fast pace since its formation and has been expanding year after year.

Diesal Clothing

The deluxe Diesel Black Gold clothing line is included in their massive range of clothing.. Their designs usually depict their personal lives, ambitions and beliefs. There enormous range includes cardigans, jeans and tee shirts. You can pair them up with different brands to give a classier look. Like, you can pair up Diesel tees with Den ham Jeans or Full Circle trousers with jackets from Diesel.

Diesel generally uses pseudo-sexual ads for their marketing and is not a spoilsport in this scenario. Diesel advertisements are bawdy and the character wearing the Diesel clothing are usually shown to be very lucky and are always surrounded by ladies.

They recently launched their global warming campaign according to which Diesel makes the appropriate clothing for the global warming climate. It gave a positive image of the current disastrous situations and showed that this is a pleasant place to live in and won awards because of this dispute and excitement. One of its commercials showed that Times Square was flooded with fauna, vegetation and wild life while the other presented a duo tanning in the Arctic.

Diesal Clothing

There latest campaign is known as “Be Stupid”. The main idea behind this campaign is that being stupid is much more fun than being smart and it smartly things are over-rated. Most of the inventions and social movements came from things that were considered to be stupid in the history and nobody thought that something big could come put from these stupid things. One of the ads of this campaign involved a couple in an industrial strength laundry appliance having an intimate moment.

Diesal Clothing

Diesel clothing has always been at forefront of new fashion and is chic and classy. You should check their online store is you want to have something sophisticated and practical. People with any kind of taste can find something for them in here.

Diesal Clothing Diesal Clothing

Diesal Clothing Diesal Clothing Diesal Clothing