Emo Fashion

Youngsters who are currently attending their high school or have recently been out of high schools love the Emo trend and follow it. It is a new type with different exciting hairstyles and tight jeans. If you want yourself to be considered as a part of Emo style and culture you have to follow a certain scrap.
emo emoStraight black colored hair with a pounce of bands covering one eye completely was originally the Emo hairstyle that women used to have. Now they can be varied from big multi-colored to straight and in one color. Flat iron is one of the most important factors in Emo hairstyles and today it is used very creatively.


Long hair is usually the standard length of Emo hairstyles and now hair bows are used to accent them. Short and curly hair is not considered the Emo hairstyles and you would rarely see an Emo girl with such hair. However, with the passage of time trends have changed and black dyed hair and swoops are out of the Emo style. Platinum or a mix of black and platinum are the most used hair dyes today.

emo fashion

Flat iron is also used for men who want to follow Emo style. Swooping bands and razoring are still very popular. Black dyed hair is also in today and any uneven choppy hair style is considered an Emo signature.

emo fashion world

Skin tight clothes are a part of the deal for both Emo men and women. Emo males usually wear skinny jeans and when they do not find them in the men’s section they move towards the women section for shopping. This is how important tight clothing is for Emo people. Shirts are also skintight and the highlight of their outfit is their stunning fashionable belt.


Emo girls usually wear converse or chic ballerina slippers while men wear converse or shoes that are specifically designed for skateboarding. The Emo culture has revolutionized the shoe industry with different patterns and colours.

emo style