Fashion Swimwear

Summer is ahead of us bringing everything we love the most – freedom, relaxation, sea, lying on the beach… and beautiful bathing suits! If you believe that it is still early for story bikini, then you are lying yourself, because in a very short time the bathing season will begin, and then shelves of swimwear will already be halved.

Fashion Swimwear

Therefore, our advice is to first look around for some swimsuits and after you do that you decide whether you need a new black bikini model or a bright color model. There is simply no room for a lot of philosophy – or you choose something relaxed, simple and elegant or Avantgarde model that will further emphasize your charms.
So, are you ready for the summer? Do you need some tips for choosing the best swimsuit for this season
Let’s see what king of body shape does exist and after that, choose the perfect swimsuit for this summer!


1. Flat – rectangular body shape

fashion swimwear
If you have a rectangular body and the same width of the shoulders, chest and hips, then you need to adjust the neck and legs. Try to wear bathing suits which have laces that tie at the top and the bottom have a band or bands that will emphasize the waist. A great solution for you is a one-piece swimsuit with creases or stains in the area of the abdomen which will visually make you look thinner.

2. Pear shape

pear shape swim wear
For this construction characteristic is wider hips and narrower shoulders. One-piece bathing suits which part of the stomach has designed details that create the illusion of a waist line will stand great. Two-part costume at the bottom should be in a darker color than the top, preferably with a simple design, and pay attention to the playful colors and details in the upper part.

3. Hourglass

hour glass swimwearWomen with a body in the form of an hourglass having shoulders and hips with the same volume and a thinner field. If you have this kind of body shape, then you are a lucky girl because you can wear different kind of swimsuit models. No matter whether it is a little provocative bikini or one-piece model with the deep notches, all eyes on the beach will be staring at you.

4. An athletic body

athletic body swimwear

For this body structure characterized by stronger city hands and narrow hips, best solved piece are bathing suits or those with thick frames that visually would reduce your shoulders. You can also play with bright colors combined with prints.