Latest Bang haircuts for women

In this article, we’ll be discussing the hottest and happening bang hairstyles which would be quite “in” this season. This haircut is considered to be a variation of bob cut. For your assistance, some of the bang styles are discussed in this article.

choppy layered haircuts

Blunt Bangs: Cleopatra’s hairstyle was the early look of blunt bangs. Ladies who can carry this style effortlessly look too classy and stylish. In this style, fringes cover the forehead and are beneath the eyebrows, locks are cut from side to side in a straight manner. The length of your hair is up to the neck. This cut would look best on people having silky hair with medium density. Chinese people usually have this king of hairstyle.


Parted Bangs: Parted bangs are a modified form of blunt hairstyle. The only difference between parted and blunt bangs is when a partition is introduced in parted hairstyle. The partition can either be slightly on the side or in the middle. The addition of a partition enhances the look of the long blunt bang hairstyle.


Asymmetrical Bangs: In the Asymmetrical bang hairstyle, both sides of the hair are not same. Wide variations can be done in the lengths of the hair in this hairstyle. One side being longer and the other being shorter is what this hairstyle basically is. One cannot even imagine what the other side would turn into.

Side Swept Bangs: This bang hairstyle is extended from shorter to longer part and is textured gradually. One side of the hair is swished through the temple and that’s the reason why this haircut is given the name side swept bangs.


Choppy Bangs: Choppy bangs are also a simple modification of blunt bang hairstyle. This haircut gives enhances the facial features. It is basically a scissor cut look and after the cut hair is textured for a choppy look. This hairstyle is best for ladies having thin hair as choppy bangs add volume to your hair.

Disconnected Bangs: The locks are cut into bangs having unexpected lengths. These kinds of bangs are not connected with one another and both sides of the hair have extreme angles. This hairstyle changes the look of your face to a great amount.