Short Haircut Styles for Women over 50

Once you cross 50, you want to have a haircut that makes you look youthful yet dignified at the same time. Just because half a century is over, doesn’t mean you can’t sport a short haircut look. We have compiled a list of short haircut styles for women over 50 which you can try. A hairstyle is an integral part of your personality and plays an important role in deciding your overall look. So read below to find the perfect short haircut style for you!

Short haircut

Pixie cut

Pixies have been a rage for a long time and haven’t gone out of fashion. You can sport a close cropped pixie with a feathery appearance that will look very ravishing. You can also try the wavy pixie which leaves the bottom hair in layers giving a very chic appearance.

Pixie short haircut

Bob Cut Classic

The Bob haircut has been around for ages and looks very good on straight hair. You can try it with a middle or side parting and flaunt your new look fabulously. You may also go for the variant of the classic Bob haircut which involves very short hair on top and uneven edges that flow downwards.

Layered Look

This short hairstyle involves cutting your hair short on the back and leaving longer tufts of hair in front. You can try it with a side parting and it looks very gorgeous on all. This hairstyle is generally well suited for oval shaped faces.

Layered short haircut

Uneven Haircut

You need some guts to sport this look but if done right, it can look amazing on you. This hairstyle consists of very short sides and cut short at the back. The crown is however left longer and in waves giving you an ethereal appearance.

Uneven Haircut

Low Maintenance Style

This haircut style is very easy to maintain and does not cause any strain to your purse. Simply crop it once a month and you are done. No styling is usually necessary unless your hair grows really fast in which case regular visits to the barber for restyling are necessary. The entire volume of hair is cut short in layers in this type of hairstyle leaving only a small bunch of extra longer hair at the forehead for styling purposes. This is best suited for round and oval shaped faces.

Normal haircut

Flippant Look

This hairstyle is very good for medium density hair. It involves cutting the hair only in the forehead region and leaving it till the neck region all along the sides and at the back. This can then be stylised to form waves or left straight as per your preferences. Well suited for hair of medium density.

Short haircut

Layered Bob

This is a variant of the Bob haircut and involves leaving longer hair in the back and in the front. This is a very good haircut for all facial types and can be easily sported by all. Low maintenance and doesn’t require frequent styling. The overall look is glamorised by the layers that will form over time.

Layered short haircut