Versace: The Best Style Statement Label

Versace, an internationally recognized brand, was made by Gianni Versace. He was born in Southern Italy in 1946. His inspiration and first teacher was his mother who taught her all about fashion and he got his initial training on dress making from her.


He started off as an architect, but with the passage of time he started to follow her mother and joined her fashion business. Firstly, he worked at some of the fashion houses in Italy and then with the help of his brother launched his own brand in 1978.

Versace is counted among the best fashion innovators. He successfully combined the two different worlds of pop culture and high style into his fashion. He made appealing clothing and drama attires. Modern abstract art and Andy Warhol are the two of his major influences which he integrated in his patterns.



His clothes were designed in such a way that people were alarmed and amazed by his creations. For him designing clothes was some sort of art and he enjoyed it. His garments in the start were challenging and excessive.


Fashion was not only something that was worn but it became an entertainment for everyone, something to be viewed and appreciated. For Versace, nothing was too risky, exaggerated or crazy and his well-designed clothes always flattered the body of the wearer. Versace has always been the choice of famous and elite class people like Will Smith, Elton John, Elizabeth Hurley, Princess Diana, Madonna and many more.

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His clothes acted like a magnet for all the wealthy people which was the reason his brand heightened its repute. However, his clothes were not only made for the rich people, but average people could also afford these clothes easily.



This Italian Fashion brand is the most desired around the globe. Versace transformed the history of fashion from the day he started his first boutique. His fashion was always something ahead of the current time. He used colors, patterns and fabrics that were completely outstanding. After the Death of Gianni Versace, his sister runs his fashion house. It’s all about glamour and can be seen in all Versace outfits, perfumes, handbags, jewelry and accessories.


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