Vintage style

In the world of fashion, women enjoy wearing their combined extent of their taste, adding additional pieces that enrich the simple clothes, even one that lacks only a small detail.

Vintage styleThere are several styles that foster women today. As most specific stands, vintage style dating from the twenties of the last century and worn today. Most of the women of today wear hippie style, street style, casual style, and few are those who enjoy the pearls and pastel colors that are characteristic of this style. Vintage style reminiscent of the ladies of the last century were: Audrie Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Natalie Wood, that really looked amazing at vintage combinations at their time. They can also add small bags, graceful hats, pearl necklaces and bracelets, and to construct a glamorous vintage combination as at that time. This style today still exists and there are girls who are wearing the same.

vintage style 1We observe different combinations of clothes that shine with femininity, gentleness and mysterious romance. From one piece bathing suits, slacks and shorts, to elegant dresses and unique jewelry inspired by the twenties of the last century, assembled together to take you into the world of mysticism, romance and women’s secrecy.

vintage style 2Fashion designers often tend to look back and look at it some earlier ones, normally looking for any inspiration. The vintage style once again returns to the catwalk. Designed and made clothes to go back in the past and feel like ladies with style and pure elegance, glamour and splendor, because this style show us the beauty in life, every fall and every spring, every day and every night.

vintage style 3

This style is the solution for all those women who love the old style, but at the same time prefer modern – elegant performance. You can shape your own Vintage style by the aesthetic correction of some skirts that exists in the closet of your mothers, aunts, grandmothers. You can visit the nearest antique shop and buy things, that your room would turn into a real Vintage Corner. All you need to know is how to properly combine various pieces of clothing in your wardrobe and to add timeless jewelry that will make you look fabulous.

vintage style 4Do not be concerned about what people are talking about you. Today, vintage style is more criticized than it is fostered. Be timeless girl! Always try to be different from the others and shine in your own light!