Blonde Hair Colour Ideas and Hairstyles

Blondes have a lot of choice and can try many variations with colour and styles. There are so many new hairstyles and so many colours to choose from that you will have a tough time deciding. They are great for parties and work well for many other occasions. Whether you are looking to enhance your glamour and sex appeal or just want to try another look, there is something for everyone. Why stick to a single dull look when there are so many different shades and hairstyle to choose from. Read below to get an overview of some great ideas to stylise your hair with some popular hair colour ideas and hairstyles.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Vanilla Look

You should try this hairstyle with golden hues and lighter ends. Don’t repeat it too often as colouring this often can damage your hair. Keeping hair shorter can limit the damage to some extent. It’s not very difficult to achieve but taking help from a stylist is recommended. Works well for all blonde women and looks very chic making it perfect for all seasons.

Vanilla hairstyle

Sassy Blonde

Cut hair till shoulder length first and then add dashes of blue to the roots. Then experiment with different colours such as brown for the central region, you can also leave added layers of brown all over. It looks very good if done right. You can also try stylising your hair in layers. Take care of the ends as they get damaged easily if not done right.

Sassy Blonde hairstyle

Ashen Look

This is a variant of the ombre hairstyle and you can try it if you are in the mood for something chic. Add shades of platinum and other darker colours such as red, the desired effect focuses on ash brown look all the way down. Ombre has been a general trend this season but this look also works very well and you get the desired effect easily.

Ashen look hairstyle

Rainbow Roots

You should first crop hair to the desired length. Then add liberal coats of colour with a brush to the roots and crown region. You can also try going for curls to get the perfect hairstyle. Once done, add a spray and then dry the hair for getting the desired effect. You can go for temporary or permanent rainbow hair colours. This look is inspired by nature and looks very good on all women.

Rainbow Roots Hairstyle

Platinum Layers

This works best for all facial types. Simply crop the hair from the ends and you can either part them sideways or from the middle. Add liberal tones of golden colours or shades that you like on the ends and work your way upwards. The hues generated as a result of this look will add to your personality and it is the best way to make a bold fashion statement.

Platinum Layers hairstyle

Strawberry Blonde

This is one of the most popular trends and can be sported by many women of all ages. Stylise the hair first with waves that are very subtle and not too bold. Then colour them in the right shade to get the desired effect.

Strawberry blonde hairstyle