Blunt Bob Hairstyles

Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Vanessa Hudgens via Instagram

Hair is an important part of your personality and over the ages, hair styles have undergone a lot of changes. The blunt bob hairstyle has been in fashion for decades and is a good option because it is easy to carry and does not require much upkeep. There are different blunt bob hairstyles that you can experiment with ranging from the Asian cut to the Shaggy bob kind. However, lately shoulder length bob hairstyles have also rekindled interest. Try these blunt bob hairstyles which have never gone out of fashion.


Stacked Bob Haircut Girls

A line Bob via Tumblr

Stacked Blunt Bob

This kind of hairstyle is good for providing added tufts of hair and the flowing waves of this kind of bob hairstyle provide it a rich, urbane look. It leads to a cushioning effect and is a perfect fit for all faces.


Angular Bob

This kind of hairstyle works best when your hairline is thinning and there isn’t much volume to deal with. The outlines can be experimented with different patterns and cuts. It’s a good hairstyle for any age group and looks very chic. You can also go for a choppy variant that can be either side or middle parted to lend it a casual or classy look.

Asymmetrical Bob

Long Short Bob / Pinterest

Asymmetrical Bob

This is another variant of the angular bob kind wherein one side is chopped and shortened while the other is longer. It can also be modified a bit with edgy margins and ragged sides. Some women prefer to go for the wavy or fringe styled margins which also works best on square faces.

Long Blunt Bob

Jaw Length Bob

Simple, short and crisp is the defining aspect of such bob type hairstyles. Such kind of bob hairstyles are super easy to maintain. Works best when side parted. This style has been often experimented with and the wavy style wherein the hair is curled up and parted sideways is a fairly common sight.

Textured Bob

Such textured bob hairstyles work best for longer facial types. You can part them either way and they look best when cropped up to shoulder length or just reaching the collarbone. This can also be expanded to mid length which is another variant of the simple Jaw length type.

Textured Bob hairstyle

Tapered Layers

Popularized by heroines, this kind of bob hairstyle is a very good option for curly hair. Styled in imperfection, it sort of gives you a casual yet stunning look. This kind can be either cut short or as is often recommended, the chin length type is also a good option.

A line Bob hairstyle

A line Bob

Fairly common and sported by many celebrities, this kind of hairstyle works for all. It can be given an asymmetrical look with fluffy texture or with fringes that gives it an edgy look. Usually centre parted but can also be side parted depending on your personal preferences.

Cheeky Blunt bob hairstyle

Cheeky Blunt Bob

Cut short and with tapered lengths, this kind of hairstyle will enhance your personality. Works best for thin hair that are not voluminous. A small lift is also needed to provide a curly look at the edges.