Braid Hairstyles

Braid hairstyles are fun and give a very sexy look. They are becoming popular day by day as more and more celebrities are carrying braid hairstyles in their daily routine plus on some events too. There are several braid hairstyles that look good and are easily done.

Braid Hairstyles


Rope Braid:

Divide your hair into two sections and twist a few inches from both sides in a clockwise direction. Take the right section and place it over the left and twist in the other direction. This hairstyle seems difficult to do but once you get used to it, you’d do it pretty easily and it also gives a different look from the traditional styles of braids.

Two Strand Twist:

This hairstyle is simple, stylish and gives a very glossy look and can be kept for two weeks. Try making smaller twists so that they can last longer without giving a matted or dirty look. Try using hair products that do not make your hair oily as this would give your hair a very slick look.

Horizontal Braid:

If you have short hair which can’t be tied up into a braid and you still want to adapt this hairstyle then you can do it on the front side of your hair. Instead of making a braid on the side or back, try making it across the head from ear to ear. This braid style is flirty and gives your face a perky look.

French Braid:

This classic hairstyle is suitable for long and medium sized hair. This elegant style is very difficult to do for the first time but once you get used to do it, you can braid your hair in no time.

Side Braid:

This hairstyle suits the most on hair that are layered. Layered hairstyle makes this hairstyle look more chic and is appropriate for medium or long hair.

Heidi Braid:

This fun and sexy hairstyle is done when two tresses are brought to the head after crisscrossing at the nape. This hairstyle is suitable for long locks.

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