Bridal Hair Accessories

It’s your special day and you want to look your best. Hair is an important part of your personality and you must ensure that you have this region covered well as unkempt hair can dull your appearance and reduce your glamour level. Bridal hair accessories can enhance your personality and add to your glamour quotient. Unadorned hair should not be sported by a bride but with the use of some stylish bridal hair accessories, you can enhance your glamour level and enhance your personality. There are so many hair accessories to choose from that you will have a tough time deciding. If you are confused about selecting the right kind of bridal hair accessories then the following tips may come in handy for you.

Bridal hair Accessories

Selecting the right bridal hair accessory

Since it’s your special day, it’s totally up to you to select what you want to wear with your outfit. There are many accessories to choose from and it’s best if you can narrow down your choices as early as possible. Try different accessories to get a feel and then decide what you are comfortable with. Not every accessory can go with a particular hairstyle so decide about the hairstyle that you are going to sport as early as possible. Also ensure that you select the right colour hair accessory as a shade that doesn’t match with your natural hair colour won’t look so good.

Right Bridal hairstyle



They are very easy to sport and can be worn with a lot of variations. Wear them with your hair undone and rolled down or with the hair up. You can also stylise the headband with a colourful ribbon or jewel it with precious stones.

Headbands hairstyle


Hair combs come for all sorts of hair types and are used when the hair needs to be rolled up. If you decide to use a veil then make use of an extra comb to get the desired effect. Combs work best for all women but you should go for them if your hair can’t be adjusted naturally and keep flying around. Place it well otherwise they can slip easily leaving you in discomfort.

Combs bridal hairstyle


You can sport a Tiara with any hairstyle and it looks very chic. The purpose of a Tiara is to keep the focus on your frontal regions so keep your hair rolled up for extra effects. The higher you place it, the better it will look. You can place it completely flat or slightly lifted as per your comfort level. Tiaras look very chic and have been used by brides for ages.

Tiaras Bridal Hairstyle


Hair pins have been used for ages and provide much needed care. Try to use hair pins towards the back region or on the sides. Take care that the pins do not show and are hidden well. You can also sport them with a bun or with a plaited look. Hair pins must be considered if you decide to go for a retro look inspired by vintage heritage.