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Tadao Kashio is the owner of the Casio Company and started it in 1946 in Japan. He started his business after World War 2. They first started off with making cigarette holders and then gradually created a stir by making calculators. After being successful with these two innovations, they tried their luck in manufacturing watches. Since that time, there is no turning back for this fabulous company. Casio watches are internationally recognized and people prefer these watches as these are the finest among others.

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They installed mini calculators in their watches which got worldwide admiration and was a big hit. These watches are mostly used by students and teachers. Casio always delivered the most desired and unique styled watches with inventive charms.


These watches always stand out from the others because of the different editions and diverse features available. A barometer and thermometer are installed in these watches. You can easily have the weather details of any place you like and different time zones are also provided. You can also set your alarms on these brilliant watches. For mountain climbers, a distinctive collection was launched by Casio which showed the altitude of the place with the time. Another collection known as wave-ceptors was also launched for the convenience to catch radio signals which would help the watch to maintain the accurate time.

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Some regular watches with steel and leather straps in different colors and sizes are also present. For example, for men, they have the Casio-G Shock watches and for ladies they have the Casio Baby-G Shock watches. This collection is not too expensive and is very durable. You can get Casio Watches from any departmental or retail stores. You can buy them from the internet too.


Casio watches which are simple and have classic styles are usually very affordable. Although, the more features you want the more price you’ll have to pay. There is a wide variety of Casio watches available today so you won’t find any difficulty in choosing one according to your requirements. Casio watches boast off elegance and style with the exceptional combination of high end technology and material which is of superior quality.

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