Craziest Nail Art

Nail art is an exquisite are and has recently gained a lot of popularity. Some of the essential parts of this creative art are nail decorations, manicuring, nail polishing and pedicuring. Nowadays, women are become fashion conscious and they are well aware of all the trends. Their overall appearance is a great concern in today’s world. Their dress, shoes, hairstyle, accessories and the beauty of their nails everything is way too important to enhance the looks.

Usually women think no one notices their nails but the truth is nails express a lot about a person’s personality. Nail art is a trend that has recently gained a lot of fame and is related to nail beauty and care. Today, several creative and innovative ways are present to beautify nails. French manicure, nail piercing, acrylic nails, nail extensions and nail paintings are some of the hottest trends in nail art. From easiness of polishing to classy nail art, there a number of ways to give your nails a beautiful and chic look.

Crazy Nail Designs

French manicure is one of the latest trends in nail art and is comprises of a white and natural pink base giving a sophisticated look. Some nail art designs also include embellishments and adornments like stickers, sequences, dried flowers, crushed shells, glitter, beads and fabrics. All the embellishments give a very stylish and glamorous look to the nails.

French manicure Nail Design

A variety of designs and tones are available for nail paintings. Bright colors like red, blue, green, gold and silver increase nail aesthetics and are high in demand. Tattoos, floral and geometric patterns give a charming look. Air brushing and water marbling are the most used in nail paintings.

Tattoo Nail Art Designs

Acrylic nails are admired by people not only from the fashion industry but from every field of life whether she is a house wife or working woman. These are fake nails and are fixed on top of the natural nails to hide the brittle and yellow nails. They are also useful for people who have a habit of nail biting.

Crazy Acrylic Nail Art