Fashion skirts

Sounds like a piece of clothes that is difficult to combine, but it is exactly the opposite, because you can wear your skirts in many different ways. Sometimes it is necessary to pay a little more attention to the details. Because of their classic look, they are great for work and other formal occasions. But that does not mean that the skirts can’t be you “fabulous combination”, anytime and everywhere. Midi skirts need to be combined with interesting jewelry, so they are perfect for those who want to risk a little bit more with their appearance.

fashion skirtsWear your skirt by the type of your body construction
Athletics construction

Athletics construction
If you have broad shoulders and narrow hips expressed, add a little volume to the texture. Ideal skirts for you are the wider ones, then those overlays and skirts with a coarse material.

 Pear construction

Pear construction
Girls with pear body should avoid clinging mini-dresses that will further highlight their construction, and wide skirts that will add visual weight loss. Well tailored skirts, like pencil, asymmetric skirts that are extending your legs and wide skirts to the knees are your best fashion solution.

 Apple construction

apple shape fashion
Girls with an apple construction can wear short skirts, but if they have expressed stomach should be even more careful not to warp perceptions. Skirts A-fit and swaying fashion pieces are a great choice, especially in strong colors and patterns.

 Plus size construction

plus size
Girls with overweight should choose great tailored pencil skirts, or those that deceive the eye and will show their figure. Avoid short mini skirts or wide skirts.

Tall and slim girl

skinny fashion skirts
Long skirts with a slit and mini skirts with interesting details, will be the perfect match for you.

 Minor girl

minor fashion skirts
These girls, wearing mini skirts and asymmetrical short skirts will look stunning.

If you are one of those women that want to make a small change in their appearance, the right solution is to choose a skirt, but before starting shopping see how to pick the right skirt for yourself. They are easy to combine and you can wear them in different combinations, but you have to keep in mind your body structure. Here are some skirts, that are the perfect match for your body.

Let’s take a look!

Full skirt

fashion skirts

Romantic and sophisticated, full skirt is ideal for day and evening combinations. Fits every body shape and hide any flaws in women with pronounced curves. The perfect length of this skirt is to the knee.

Closely skirt which follows the body shape

A line skirt fashion
With this skirt you have to be careful, especially if you pronounced curves. This model is ideal for women with an hourglass figure, because it would catch curves and accentuate the waist.

Mini skirt

fashion skirts

short skirt

Beside your look, while are you wearing the mini skirt you need to be confident and completely comfortable with your body

Trumpet skirt

fashion skirts

Button Skirt

This skirt is back in fashion, and is perfect for ladies who have shaped the body into an hourglass, pear or in those who are slim. If you have larger thighs, avoid this skirt because it will further emphasize.

Overlay Skirt

fashion skirts

skirt fashion

This skirt is not ideal for every body shape, because it shows too much depends on its lenght. Perfect for ladies with curves, and not recommended for those with athletic construction.

Long skirt

fashion skirts

Perfect for daytime and will look modern if you combine with flat shoes or sneakers. Fits all women regardless of the form of the body.

fashion skirts

short skirt