Five Makeup Tools You Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Live Without

Five Makeup Tools You Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Live Without

The right makeup brush is a crucial part of any beauty routine. Good brushes can make your makeup apply smoother and blend better. With so many product choices in the stores, how can you be sure you pick the best products for you?

We’re also supposed to clean our makeup brushes regularly and often, bu that can be frustrating and time-consuming–not to mention the “eeww factor,” with all the bacteria growing in–and on–them.


These items from BEAUTIAC may become some of your essential standby makeup brushes. This is a beauty subscription service that delivers brushes and other beauty application products right to your door.


The cool thing? The brush heads are disposable so you never have to worry about cleaning them. Each month you’ll get new heads. They offer universal brush handles, so each different brush head can pop in. This is efficient and space saving for travel and eases your mind from the bacteria that may grow in your older makeup brushes.

Using the right makeup brush can make your makeup looks even better. You’ll be able to try out many different shapes and sizes with this subscription service and it all comes right to your door.


When you enroll in this service, you’ll receive five essential products that you soon won’t be able to live without.



  • Fountain Fix Brush Head


This brush helps foundation apply flawlessly for the perfect base for the rest of your look. It works with any liquid foundation and helps layer product for the coverage level you need.



  • Powder Possess Brush Head


This brush head has a fluffy brush head is perfect for applying powder over the top of foundations or concealers. The plush brush head will et you apply the right amount of powder to finish off any look.



  • Blush Habit Brush Head


Get that rosy glow with this luxurious brush. The size and shape of this brush applies just the right amount of blush to give you that natural glowy look.



  • Dye-Free Blur Sponge


This versatile sponge can be used to blur and blend any uneven makeup for a natural look. This sponge will help you get that smooth finish for your most natural and radiant look.



  • Smart Makeup Brush Stand


Once you have the perfect collection of brushes and makeup application tools, you need something to store them all in. Good brushes are an investment, and you want to protect them and your furniture from stains. This stand was designed with a 3D silicon woven topper providing flexibility to hold several products of many sizes.


You can buy the best quality makeup but if your application tools are not of matching quality, your look will not be at its best.


Good brushes are a big purchase and it can be overwhelming when trying to figure out what to buy. But you have to take care of them constantly.

BEAUTIAC has that all figured out. With this service, you’ll get reliable quality brushes without the worry about proper cleaning.