Luca Luca: Perfect For Women

Luca Luca was established by Luca Orlandi and is an Italian fashion brand. In almost six years he completely established his brand and then made his first appearance at the New York Fashion Week. His collection for the New York Fashion Week was a huge success and gained him a lot of following. His collection was created by Orlandi himself and was based on feminine, vivid and cheerful colored dresses.

luca luca

Orlandi then appointed a new creative Director in 2008, named Raul Melgoza. Melgoza changed the thorough signature look of the brand and gave it a new trendy sporty touch. Melgoza decided to experiment with earthy tones instead of bright and funky colors and designed new garments with a totally different perspective. Today, this brand is counted among the best and the most luxurious ones among all the Italian fashion houses.


Luca Luca is basically a women’s designer brand and patterns, advertises and allocates extravagant accessory products and classy apparels. Since 1991, they have been considered the frontrunner in the fashion business among other fashion brands because of their repute and distinguishing image.



They are basically based in Midtown Manhattan at the middle of the garment area. They distribute their line from their own boutiques located at several places. On Madison Avenue in New York, on Worth Avenue in palm Beach, at the Village of Merrick Park in Miami and on Oak street in Chicago. You can find Luca Luca products in certain Neiman-Marcus places or in speciality stores throughout the US.




They started off with feminine and brightly colored styles and designs. The exceptional amalgam of different colors and their body-hugging shapes became their signature. Their dresses were often seen on society circuits and red carpets worn by different celebrities. After Orlandi, Melgoza turned the tables and designed sportswear in neutral tones.



Luca Luca