Mac Nail Polish

Painted nails not only make your mails gorgeous but also enhance your overall appearance. Different shades of nail colors depict different moods and personalities. People who love applying darker shades usually have a mysterious and strong personality while on the other hand women with lighter shades are gentle and charming. Mac is a brand which gives the best quality and gives you what it promises. Some of the chic and sophisticated shades of this brand are mentioned below.

MAC Nail Polish

MAC Style Black – Seriously Hip:

This nail lacquer gives your nails an irresistible look with its gorgeous blend of gold, olive and green. The reformed brush gives a good texture by spreading the color evenly.

MAC Baking Beauties – Pistachio Crème:

It is a charming sky blue shade of nail color and is created with an extraordinary technology which gives a smooth and classy look to the nails.

Mac Divine Night – Fierce:

This chic nail color is made with a high gloss technique and is an amazing amalgam of duskiest silver suede, velvet golden and blackened burgundy.

MAC Cham Pale – Soiree:

This Nail color is a mixture of rosy pink, gold and metallic shades and contains high gloss technology with UV protection. This protects your nails from the harmful rays of the sun and makes them shiny.

MAC Divine Night – Military:                

This nail color is a dark burgundy shade and its high gloss technique gives a perfect and gorgeous look to your nails.

MAC Fashion Set – Heroine:

This stunning purple shade with its high gloss technology gives a smooth texture and luster to your nails. Pair it up with your beautiful dress and stand out from the crowd.

Mac Temperature Rising Collection – Tropical:

This nail color is an amalgam of two erotic shades which are magenta frost and glittering bronze. This nail color also shimmers in the night and contains UV protection and also conditions your nails.

MAC Imperial Flower Nail Color:

This nail color provides UV protection while conditioning the nails and gives a smooth and shimmery look to the nails with the perfect blend of golden and orange shimmer.

Mac Blue Ming Nail Color:

This beautiful night blue shaded nail color gives shine to the nails with its high gloss technique. Keeps your nails healthy, conditions them and UV protection is provided.

MAC Nail Polish

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