Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

If you are looking to sport a funky hairstyle that will enhance your personality then look no further! A Mohawk hairstyle can add the much needed desired effect to your look and they look very chic which is why they are so popular among black women. It can be sported on all occasions and are well suited for parties. Read below to get an update about some great Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women.

Mohawk Hairstyle

Cornrows Hairstyle

To achieve the desired look, all you need to do is gently braid the sides and move to the top. The middle region can be left as such and this will lead to a very good effect overall. Works best if the hair are well hydrated.

Cornrow hairstyle

Braided Mohawk

This is a variant of the Cornrows hairstyle but the difference is that you need to braid your hair even in the middle. This hairstyle looks very good if done right. It isn’t very high on maintenance either. If you have very short hair, you might want to try purchasing some hair extensions to get the desired effect. Braid from the sides and proceed further.


Mohawk for longer hair

If you have longer hair, then also you can sport the Mohawk look with ease and comfort. Braid one side fully and leave the other or braid both sides, the choice is entirely up to you. If you are not very comfortable with the whole idea of braiding, then pinning hair will also generate the same effect. You can let the hair from the back or the front into waves, this hairstyle has a lot of scope for trying different variants.

Long Mohawk Black Women

Mohawk for shorter hair

If you have shorter hair but want to sport the Mohawk look then look no further! Simply shave the sides and the back region on your head so that the middle region is left with longer hair. Then stylise the remaining hair that is not shaved to get the desired look. You can also try hair extensions if your hair is very short.

Mohawk Short Hair

Side Thin Mohawk

This Mohawk needs a bit of shaving so you would need the expertise of a hair stylist to achieve this look. Simply shave the sides and then stylise the hair as per your comfort level. Don’t shave the hair on the back! This works best for women with slightly longer faces and it looks very chic. Perfect for parties and other casual occasions.

Side Thin Mohawk Black Women

Go Natural

Black Women are endowed with natural curls and this hairstyle makes use of natural curls to get the special look. Keep the hair well moisturised so they are easy to work with. Gently move the hair to the upper sides with the help of a comb and then twist them into braids and pin them stylishly. This hairstyle is very easy and doesn’t require any expertise. You will get better with time so keep practising. Works well for all and you must give it a try whenever you decide to sport the Mohawk hairstyle next.

Go Natural Hairstyle