Mulberry Handbags: A Chic Addition To Your Handbag Collection

Mulberry was founded by Roger Saul and his mother Joan in 1971 ad is a British fashion company. This trademark itself is a British regime brand and is well-known for its leather rustler bags which include binocular and dispatch bags. With the passage of time, they expanded their production line and now this brand comprises of menswear, women’s wear and footwear for women. Since its launch in the 1970’s this British brand has been the most innovative one in whole Britain.



Mulberry brand became more popular all over the world after Nicholas Knightly was hired as the designer. In 2005, Stuart Vevers took Nicholas’s place and achieved a lot in departments of accessories, handbags and clothing. In 2006, they received an award at the British Fashion Design awards for the Accessory Designer of the Year. His position was taken by Emma Hill in 2001 and brought a fresh and brilliant future to Mulberry.

Mulberry leather goods with the silky material are the best choice for every occasion. Some of the famous Mulberry handbags are chocolate Jacquetta, lovely Baby Boxy, green Kiera and golden Aimee.  The intermingling of plainness and density makes them a lot more mysterious and alluring. These handbags are not only highly priced but are also limited in product numbers. That’s the basic reason why celebrities love Mulberry handbags because the chances of getting the same handbag are very rare.



Mulberry handbags usually give the feeling as you have gone back to the mid early Egyptian knights era because of their buckles, metal rivet and copper colored metal parts. The best advantage of this brand is that people cannot easily make the fake ones. Every season, Mulberry surprises its customers with exceptional and stunning handbags. Several designs were launched at the fashion week. You can get them in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.