Perfect Prom Hairstyles

The philosophy of painting states that a beautiful flower is set off from rich green leaves. In the same way, an appealing prom hairstyle would enhance the beauty of your face and make you look stunning. Choose a prom hairstyle that bulges out your beautiful parts of face while covering the flaws.


 Prom Hairstyles


Prom Hairstyles


You should consider your face shape and all its features while selecting a prom hairstyle for yourself. There are several prom hairstyles for different face shapes which will be discussed in this article.

Round Face:

A round face generally projects brilliance and adolescence. It also gives a false impression of naivety. Some of the hair styles for round face are:

Cute short hairstyles would also give a childish look. The hair of both sides shouldn’t be thick and an S shaped bang through forehead would help giving a more mature look. The bang should be cut accordingly to the shape, size and distance from the eyes.

Choose a hairstyle which is uneven as it would make your face look less round and is recommended. Disconnected bangs give a soft look. Hair should be lengthened after the ears to balance the round shape.

Oval Face:

People usually think that oval facial shapes are friendly and every hairstyle suits on such faces. If the lady has appealing and sharp contour and features, a simple hairstyle would emerge her unique personality. A badminton kind of hairstyle would draw the attention of several people towards the person carrying it. Hair length to the jawline would be appropriate. While ladies with less distinctive features should not set their hair backward plus a long or middle hairstyle would be perfect for them.

Rectangular Face:

Long haircut with some smooth curves, hair from both sides to the chin or layers would be appropriate for this face shape. Uneven hairstyles with some earrings and headdress would nullify the inflexible feeling. People with shape contour and appealing features should go for a too short and straight hair cut. While the ones with ordinary features and contour should go for a layered hairstyle.

Heart Shaped Face:

An uneven prom hairstyle would smooth out the faulty and pointy jaw and divert the attention of everybody to other features. A hair length till cheeks and a backwards set hairstyle would be good. A backward set hairstyle and bands would give a look of wider jaw and counteract the weakness of the jaw.

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