Pink Ombre Hairstyles

Pink Ombre hairstyles are a bold fashion statement and have been in fashion for a long time. The hairstyles are low on maintenance and are sure to enhance your personality. Read below for some great pink ombre hairstyle ideas.

Pink Ombre Hairstyle


This hairstyle focuses on keeping hair longer till shoulder length. The waves can then be imparted either a soft caramel colour or a darker shade from the mid length till the ends. This hairstyle is good for thicker hair that form natural curls. Conditioning before styling also helps in achieving a better look. If your hair is of a darker shade, it may take a few sittings before you get the desired shade.

Caramel pink ombre Haircut

Chocolate and Cherry

Ombre doesn’t necessarily have to be a shade of brown or blonde. A chocolate to cherry look also works wonder for any woman and adds a much needed style statement to your personality. It’s a very good hairstyle for brunettes. If you don’t want to try very lighter shades but are still looking to sport the ombre look, then this is ideal for you. The hair are left long so that it can form curls and then coloured to achieve the desired look. This works great for women who have a fairer skin.

Chocolate Cherry Pink Ombre Hairstyle

Pink Waves

This is one of the hottest trends right now and well suited to blonde beauties. You can also experiment with different colours. Women with a fairer skin can easily sport this look and it looks very chic. Leave hair longer so that they reach up to the bosom and then colour the hair from mid length to the ends.

Pink Waves Hairstyle


Want to try a fabulous look with waves? This Honey style will work best for you. The transition must be soft here to enhance the overall appearance otherwise it might not look very good. This hairstyle works best for women with medium to darker colour. It is always a good idea to leave the hair hydrated before you attempt this hairstyle.

Long Pink Ombre Hairstyle for Women

Disappearing Ombre

Once you have gone for the ombre hairstyle but its fast disappearing, then you can go for this look. It’s very good for blondes because it gives a perception of voluminous hair and looks very chic. This hairstyle is suited for all skin types. You should ideally go for a colour that is not permanent and you will see the effects very early.

Pink Ombre Hairstyle for Girls

Jazzy Ombre

Who says that you can’t sport it on shorter hair? It’s perfectly possible and you can add layers of blonde to achieve this look. Keep the hair length till the ear lobes to achieve this look which is bound to enhance your personality. The hair can be side parted without much care and this is very low on maintenance.

Too short Pink Ombre haircut

Golden Ends

This is one of the hottest looks right now and not without good reason. You can also try stylizing it into curls that will add layers to your personality. This works best for lighter skin tones. It is always a good idea to crop your hair once you decide to go for an ombre hairstyle.

Golden Pink Ombre Hair