Prabal Gurung Provides Designer Stuff In Reasonable Prices

The most awaited designer collection of the store is the Prabal Gurung Collection. The collection has a lot of variety with pieces more than 80, between ranges of $25 to $50. The Prabal Gurung collection is the best among the others and has a retailing of almost $1000 or more. If you are a fan of this collection, then it would not disappoint you ever. And if you are not, you would become one and definitely love all the pretty prints, color blocking and the amazing shapes.



There is a wide variety for summers and springs. You can buy shirts, jewelry, shoe, dresses and much more from here. Girlish and funky, you would love all the bright colors and styles in the collection. But if you do not like ultra-bold pieces, then you can have a look at the subdued pieces available. There is something present for everybody. Every fashion lover who is on a budget would admire this collection. It’s best because it has the designer style at low price. Every single thing is worth every penny you spend on it and is totally affordable. Some of the favorites from this collection are:

Printed Shirt Dress:

This floaty dress has a bus stroke kind of print on it. This artsy pattern is said to be the most popular one among the whole collection and there is no doubt in it. It has the perfect amalgam of colors. You can changeover this dress from night to day very easily because of the faux leather collar it has. You can get this shirt at a very affordable price of $39.99.




Floral Printed Sweatshirt:

This shirt is the classiest among all because of the mind blowing floral print. This will make you stand out from the crowd and is a must have for any girl who loves sportswear. You can get also get it from online stores in only $29.99.

Teal Colored Block Dress:

This art deco colored dress has a flirty shape with fun colors. Its upright coral streak benefits in giving a thinner look. So, it is a suitable cut for all body shapes.



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