After a long tiring day, everybody wants to get comfortable and get rid of their formal attire and put out their feet into a soft pair of slippers. Women’s slippers are now available in a variety of design and colors and can be bought from anywhere.


You can get slippers in sheepskin, leather or even fur. Owning a pair of stylish slippers will not only make you look comfortable but chic too. They are easy to wear and protect your feet from any kind of piercing objects or dirty floors.


Slide slippers are one of the most popular among women. Slide slippers have a completely open back which is the reason for giving them this name and you can slide your feet easily into them. These specific slippers vary in designs and the thickness of soles. You can choose well-padded soles if you want some extra comfort.


Sock slippers are also getting popular these days. They are made up of rubber strides and dense sock design which is highly comfortable. You can easily wash them in you washing machine but avoid the tumble dryer otherwise the rubber treads of your sock slippers might get damaged.

Another popular collection of slippers is the loungewear collection. They are specially designed to be worn indoors and are down slippers. They involve Van Eli, Haflinger, Daniel Green and Lamo.


Haflinger slippers are made with breathable wool and are used in cold climates. The design and texture is quite velvety. They are manufactured with latex insoles which makes them durable.


Lamo slippers are warm, cozy and are a beauty to look at. Sheepskin leather is used to make their upper and linings. Foam cushion is used to make the insoles and prove beneficial for shock absorption. They come in a variety of designs like moc-slippers, booties and the basic overall slipper. Lamo slippers are very flexible and quite durable.


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